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At Mike’s Custom Truck Builders, we are working with the latest in performance technology for diesel and gas trucks. We recognize that no single product manufacturer is going to have all the upgrade performance needs for every truck or motor home, but we have found several experienced companies that provide the best in reliable performance enhancements today.

The BD Power Company- Specializing in Diesel Performance Products, manufacturing the very best light truck diesel aftermarket products, together with a line of very effective performance enhancements for Ford, Chevy and Dodge trucks and motor homes. Along with BD’s exhaust brake enhancements, the TorqLoc, AutoLoc and PressureLoc upgrades will ensure superior performance from your truck or motor home!

Dynojet- is an excellent test system for putting your vehicle through the paces! It detects whether your vehicle is up to factory specifications before any performance upgrades are installed. A report is also compiled after each modification is made to visually see the results of the adjustment. We also have an available air/fuel ratio system (for gas only) to be used with the Dyno to help in setting your proper fuel air mixture.

Hunter Alignment System- Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tire wear. Over the years, a properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to tire life. Most tires are replaced prematurely due to adverse wear. Gas mileage increases as rolling resistance decreases. Total alignment sets all four wheels parallel, which along with proper inflation, minimizes rolling resistance. Many handling problems can be corrected by a total alignment service. With all of the vehicle components aligned properly, road shock is more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride.

Pro Bal Balance Machine is a machine that offers balance services to our shop. We installed this machine for doing Agricultural work, such as balancing straw choppers and combine rotors. As we became more involved in performance work, we purchased a gram scale to weigh pistons and connecting rods for doing precise rotating assembly-balancing. We also have bob weights for crank-shaft balancing.


We will be installing a Pro 2000 Engine Dyno from Land & Sea. This machine will be able to accurately tell you (engine tested before installed):
*From 20 - 3500 hp.
*From 2 - 5000 tq.lbs.
*From 300 - 7000 rpm’s.
*EGT’s up 1800 degrees
We think that this is what it’s going to take to accurately test and tune most gas and diesel engines from a ¾ ton pickup truck to a pro-stock pulling tractor. We will be able to get a grip on boost, timing and EGT’s so we can tune your engine to the power ban area you require. This will help you get the right clutch and gear ratio making your torque and horsepower get to the ground. We will tune your motor to where it makes the most power: consistently-without meltdowns. We will also be able to tune motors with water injection. We will be able to set pressures and change nozzles to tune your motor even better! Making your engine powerful and reliable within reason is our goal!

More Power to You from Mike’s Custom Truck Builder’s!

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