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Install a power module and pick up some of the extra power that you want from your truck. We carry chips from Edge, Superchip and BD-Power. You can expect an increase of 40-400 horsepower or more, depending on how far you want to go. Upgrades often improve mileage, horsepower and torque.

We carry BD-Power single and twin turbo kits for your pickup to boost the power you need. We specialize in kits that perform! Call for details.

BD exhaust brakes will help you slow down when towing a heavy load at any speed or decline. Exhaust brakes save wear and tear on your vehicle brakes. This upgrade creates back pressure on the motor, causing it to slow down the vehicle, instead of riding the vehicle brakes through corners and down hills! Call for details.

We install aftermarket camshafts to help improve mileage and lower EGT's. Help your engine breathe in and out by installing a performance camshaft today! Call for details.

Mike's carries BD Power aftermarket fuel plate systems to tune your 12V Cummins to new torque and horsepower levels. We also custom machine plates to fit your unique application. We can do this by tuning the engine right on our in house chassis Dyno.

Mike's Custom offers a complete line of BD-Power aftermarket injection pumps. We install custom injector pumps, tuned by us for applications such as racing, pulling, street performance or just stock replacement . We tune them to achieve the mileage, horsepower and torque levels that you are looking for from your truck.

We carry performance governor spring kits from BD Power to help your pump rev past factory settings without damaging it. This helps maximize your engines RPM's (between 2000-4000 and up).

We install aftermarket Bosch Performance injectors from BD Power . We can custom tune your engine by changing the tips and checking pressures to help improve fuel economy and performance.

We offer a variety of custom head porting and valve grinding to improve air flow and lower EGT's.

We custom O-ring the head and/or the block to help keep the head gaskets from blowing out in a high performance engine build. Call for details.

Looking for extra performance? We install water/methanol injection kits to achieve the power your want and control your EGT's. The kit comes in single or two stage. Call for details.

To help gain horsepower and mileage, Mike's installs washable and reusable air cleaner systems from K&N and aFe. We install air filters to fit your stock box or a FIPK (Fuel Injection Performance Kit) that replaces the stock air tube and box, to make your engine breathe even better. These kits have large cone shaped filters that help the air flow more freely down through the air tube, to the turbo to make your engine perform. We recommend this when getting into higher horsepower levels.

After installing an aftermarket air intake system, and getting all of that air into your engine, it must exit freely. We’ll install 4-5” exhaust systems from leading aftermarket designers to help make your vehicle perform, lower exhaust temperatures, achieve efficient mileage and of course add the awesome sound of a free breathing diesel engine.

Ats manifolds help lower your exhaust temps to make your heads last longer, breathe better and withstand higher temps that come with higher horsepower. These manifolds have a three piece design that expand and contract with the engine head so when the engine heats and cools, the manifold can expand and contract. With your stock manifold, it may begin to crack (most of the time around the turbo flange) because of its single piece design.

We stock and install Southbend clutches from - stock replacement, single disc to awesome dual disc, to get your torque horsepower to the ground. We carry the clutches you need to fit your power application and driving style. Call for details.

We carry aftermarket flex plates from BD Power to replace a broken stock one. Call for details.

To make your driveline last longer, we can install aftermarket transmission and differential covers to help keep the transmission and differential cooler. Extra oil capacity will keep moving parts lubricated more efficiently, keeping them cooler and giving you better performance. These pans give strength to the case, aiding in the prevention of housing twist caused by high torque.

This is not your stock rebuilt transmission. Performance is what you’re getting here. BD Power transmissions are designed to transfer power from, high torque modified diesel engines, to the ground. BD Power has various valve bodies that range from hauling, towing, sled pulling, drag racing or just street performance. Call for details.

Replace your stock torque converter with an aftermarket converter that will help improve fuel economy and reduce oil temps. BD Power’s torque converters are made with a billet front cover to eliminate bulging from higher rail pressures and has a triple contact area for secure lockup. Call for details.

Clutch slippage problems can be cured by installing this option on your transmission. This helps reduce clutch slippage when the converter lock up clutch engages. Designed for modified power or exhaust brake equipped engines.

Increase mileage by installing a Gear Vendor/Underoverdrive. Reduces final drive ratio to lower RPM’s, giving you better mileage and longer engine life.

We install Borgeson Steering Shaft assemblies to help improve tighter steering along with…..(see below)

Track bar kits to improve tighter steering and handling. We also install Lucks Link repair kits for many applications.

Install a F.A.S.S. fuel pump and fuel filter system to improve engine performance by giving the injector pump more fuel and reducing air from the diesel fuel. This will give you better fuel mileage and performance. We install them on the 12V and 24V Cummins. We also carry systems for the 03-05 Common rail engine!

Lucas Oil products helps extend engine, transmission and power steering life when adding Lucas Oil additives into your vehicle. This will help lubricate the parts to give optimum performance, durability and reliability.

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