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All engines have dowel pins to align key parts. All 1989-1997 and many 1998-2001 Cummins engines have a design flaw that allows a dowel pin to work loose and drop into the front gear set which can potentially destroy your engine. Mike’s can install a recessed bolt on your 12 and 24 valve engine that will block the dowel pin from coming out of the gear housing.

1989-1998 12V ENGINES
12V Tune-ups are among one of the many things that Mike’s performs on diesel engines. We will check the valve clearance on the head, make sure the Waste Gate is not opening too early, (preventing proper boost the engine needs) and bench testing each injector to make sure the spray pattern, and pop-off pressure is correct. Mike’s will check your injector pump timing with a timing light, the most accurate method available for a diesel engine. This procedure is unique in that we can check the timing while the engine is running, and check horsepower & torque: on our in house chassis dyno.

New Venture 4500 Transmissions: Fully splined output shafts for 5th gear problems have been on the market for over the last 5 years. We installed many of these combinations and encountered problems. The problem was the fully splined aftermarket shaft (that other vendors still offer). The splines were not machined properly, so the 5th gear slid on the splined shaft freely. Without a pressed fit shaft and gear, the fix didn’t last. After identifying this problem, we found a gear cutting company that makes a combination set, so the gear and shaft splines are pressed fit. This leaves no slack and no problem with the nut backing off.

New Venture D5600 Transmissions: We stock six speed transmissions and will convert your five speed to a six speed truck. These conversions are done in house and consist of shortening the rear drive shaft, replacing the front drive tube with a longer one, replacing a cross member, converting the 4x4 shift linkage and replacing the shift lever. If you are interested in finding that missing gear between 3rd and 4th, call for prices.

A common oversight is higher manual transmission temperature due to increased horsepower levels or extended overdrive usage. Mike’s can install a severe duty transmission oil cooler. When the transmission temperature reaches 225 degrees a pump circulates transmission fluid through a cooler. This will keep your fluid temperature in the safe zone and extend the life of your transmission. Call for details.

Misalignment between an engine and transmission is a big problem. Mike’s will install custom offset dowel pins to ensure proper alignment when the bell housing/transmission is reinstalled. This procedure extends the life of your transmission and pilot bearing.
We install sealed ball bearings instead of needle bearings. This prevents the needle bearing from getting gummed up with clutch dust, and eventually leading to the bearing going out, which may: cause wear on your input shaft and bearings making them become loose and even go out, thus potentially causing the center of the clutch disc to go out. Install a sealed ball bearing to help prevent these problems from happening! Call for details.

Through BHJ we have what we think is the best system for cutting and installing fire rings, using 303 .041 stainless wire. Also on the Cummins engine, we rethread the block for 14 mm head studs and insert head stud bolts from ARP. These studs bolts keep the head from lifting and thus blowing out the gasket, so you can run higher boost pressures. Call for details.

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