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BD exhaust brakes will help you slow down your heavy load at any speed or decline. Exhaust brakes save wear and tear on your vehicle service brakes. This upgrade creates back pressure on the motor, causing it to slow down the vehicle, instead of riding the brake pedal through the corners and down the hills. A toggle switch on the dash board can activate an exhaust brake manually, or it can be wired through an Allison (transmission) computer to make it basically automatic. The brake will release when the throttle is applied or when the toggle switch is turned to the off position.

Cummins 5.9 & 8.3L
CAT 3116, 3126, 3208t
GM 6.5 TD and Duramax
GMC TopKick C4500/C5500 w/ Duramax
Navistar w/ VT365 engine.

Monitor boost, EGT’s, transmission temperature, and engine temperature in a single unit by installing this digital gauge kit from BD-Power.

Mike’s stocks a wide assortment of analog gauges for boost, EGT’s and transmission temperatures. There are several different mounts available.

Don’t shut down your engine down with a hot turbo after a hard run. A hot turbo without flowing engine oil may cause permanent bearing damage. Mike’s can install this cool down timer so you can lock the door and walk away. The cool down timer works in conjunction with BD’s own digital gauge package, the X-Monitor, to make sure your engine shuts off at the proper turbo temperature.

5.9L and 8.3L Cummins w/ P7100 pump. There are numerous fuel plates available that can increase your horsepower from 30-150 and increase your torque 70-300 ft-lbs! These kits come with a orifice that improves your turbo performance to help compliment the fuel that you are adding to your engine.

5.9 Cummins w/VP44 Injector Pump
Mike’s can install an Edge computer module upgrade on your motor home that will maximize horsepower, torque and improve mileage. This upgrade has the potential to provide you with 70 or more rear wheel horsepower and 220 lbs of torque. Most modules that we install are adjustable to pick your level of performance.

Cat 3126 B&E
Enhance your ‘Kittys” performance by installing an Edge computer module upgrade with four adjustable power levels. This performance chip can add an additional 25-40 horsepower and 90-120 lbs of torque. It will help improve throttle response, increase fuel economy, and will help eliminate downshifting while going up steep grades.

Chevrolet 6.5 w/Electronic DS4 Pump
The 6.5 diesels can have their computers enhanced to help deliver more horsepower with a plug-in E-prom chip or by having the computer re-flashed. Helps to increase horsepower, mileage, and torque.

Mike’s offers a complete line of BD-Power after-market injection pumps to install on your Cummins. We will tune them to fit the power level you want to help achieve the mileage, horsepower and torque that your looking for from your motor home.

Custom tune your motor home by installing aftermarket injectors from BD-Power. We can tune your 5.9 by changing the tips and checking the pressures to help improve fuel economy and performance. You can expect an increase from 30-40 horsepower and 100-300 ft-lbs of torque, or more, depending on how far you want to go.
On the 8.3, the injectors are very high flow and the engine’s fuel pump should remain in the stock setting to control EGTs.

Stock torque converters suffer from poor fluid coupling that reduces efficiency and increases transmission temperatures. Mike’s will install a BD Torque converter to help make peak torque at a lower RPM level. Installing a torque converter will help increase fuel economy, reduce RPMs on hill climbs and lower transmission temps.

Allison 542/545
These transmissions do not have a lock up clutch in the converter. Mike’s will install a converter that improves retarding horsepower and maximizes torque at a lower RPM. Exchange converters are available for the Allison 500 series transmission.

Allison 600
Install a converter lock up kit to get the same retarding force in 1st and 2nd gear that is usually only available in 3rd and 4th gear.

We also carry the Allison 3060 wiring kit for your transmission to connect to your transmission computer to allow a more aggressive retarding force.

Install a Allison 1000 valve body in your motor home after increases of 90-120 RWHP. For heavy haulers or extreme power, we recommend further transmission modifications or a heavy duty transmission and converter exchange.

These are just some of the many upgrades that we can perform on your motor home.
Call for details.

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