Mike's Oil
Filter Assemblies

Mike's Custom Trucks is a distributor, installer, or service provider for the following companies & product lines.

Access Covers
Roll up pickup tonneau covers

Aerospace Components
Vacuum Pumps

Tarp systems for farm, construction, and fertilizer industries

Ali Arc
Truck and pickup replacement bumpers and Bull Bars

Head stud, main stud, rod bolt, nuts, and assembly products for performance applications

Full line of pyrometer, boost, temperature, and pressure gauges.
Many gauge holder applications.

BD Power
Extensive line of Cummins, Duramax, & Powerstroke products

After market truck steering shafts

Crower Racing Products
5.9 Cummins Billet Rods

Diesel Performance Products
Fuel Air Separation System (FASS)

DYNO-mite Dynamometers
Full engine dynamometer services available at Mike's

Full chassis dynamometer services available at Mike's

Edge Products
Manufacturer of quality performance electronics

Quality off-road suspension systems

Performance diesel & gasoline engine vibration dampers. Applications for street, strip, & pulling.

Gear Vendors
Over & Under drive units for Gear-Splitting Performance and Overdrive Economy

Herd Collision Bumpers
It's your grill guard, cow catcher, cattle guard, roo bar, moose bumper, bullbar - it's collision protection, and HERD has you covered.

K & N
High performance lifetime replacement air filter and intake systems

Front and rear air ride suspensions systems

Performance exhaust systems

Mike's Custom Truck Oil Filters
See through oil filter assemblies

Bell Housings

Ramco Performance Manufacturing
Performance fuel systems

Scheid Diesel
A full service diesel fuel injection shop and sponsor of "Diesel Extravganza"

Snow Performance
Water injection systems

Solid Steel Industrial Manufacturing, LTD
Solid Steel Industrial Manufacturing Ltd. is the manufacturer of the DSS - Dodge Steering Stabilizer; TBK - Track Bar Conversion Kit; and now the NEW DAT - Dodge Adjustable Track Bar with the NEW DAC - Dodge Adjustable Control Arms

South Bend Clutch
Clutches for all makes and models of agricultural, passenger & racing cars, semi-truck & mid-size trucks

Suncoast Convertors
Torque Converters

After market pickup and car performance tuning

Venolia Pistons & Rods
Brooks Rods are now made by Venolia

H & S Performance
When you are ready to step up your diesel engine to the next level, go with performance products from H&S Performance, and BRING ON THE POWER!

Chassis Dyno

Engine Dyno

Full Alignment

BD Products

Venolia Pistons
(formerly Brooks Rods)

Suncoast Converters

BDS Suspension

H&S Performance

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