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At Mike's Custom Trucks, we offer a full range of parts and services for your Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel, Ford Power Stroke and Chevy Duramax Diesel powered cars and trucks. We offer a wide variety of parts and accessoried that will meet and exceed your power wants and needs.

At Mike's we'll install only the best producs available to meet your needs. We do not limit ourselves to a certain brand name of products. We carry a wide variety of products from companies such as BD Diesel, Edge, and Superchips, plus many more. Whether your goals are daily driving or high performance, our staff will help select the right products for your truck.

We'll install many different combonations of exhaust systems and intakes to help make your driving experience much more luxurious. We offer a wide variety of intake systems from K & N and aFe Magnum Force systems. We can replace your stock exhaust with a high performance one from BD Power, in sizes up to 5 inches in diameter. All the parts and accessories that are needed to compliment your power upgrades we carry on hand such as gauges, exhaust brakes and clutch upgrades.

Our products and upgrades are test on our in-house Dyno. At Mike's we insure that the products that we put on, perform, no questions asked!

If your looking for mild upgrades or some monster horsepower, Mike's Custom Truck does it all!

Coated pistons, ceramic top, dry lubricant coatings,
also showing billet rods on this set

Chassis Dyno

Engine Dyno

Full Alignment

BD Products

Venolia Pistons
(formerly Brooks Rods)

Suncoast Converters

BDS Suspension

H&S Performance

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